We are pleased to offer dependable and professional radon testing and mitigation services to our community of homes, schools and commercial properties. We have established relationships with our clients of homeowners, realtors and several commercial entities.  We are proud of our growing business that has been founded on repeat and referral customers. 

We look forward to serving you!

To show our appreciation for your service, we offer a military discount to anyone who has or is currently servicing our country. 


Testing: Both short term and long term testing is available.  Testing for radon levels will help determine whether or not a mitigation system is needed.  EPA recommends all homes should be tested for radon.  1 in 3 Colorado homes exceed EPA’s recommended threshold of 4pci.

All tests are analyzed by a third-party laboratory.

Need it quick for a real estate transaction? No problem.  We will expedite it for you (note: minimum time for test to be in place is 48 hours, but we can usually get results the following day for you).


Radon in homes can be reduced by installing a mitigation system.  Here are the most common procedures used:

Sub-Slab Depressurization: Installation involves drilling into the foundation running heavy duty PVC pipe up and out of the home, and attaching an integrated continuous fan to the system. We then seal cracks and other openings to ensure the high efficiency of the system.  We will discuss with you the best way to reduce your indoor radon prior to installation.

Sub-Membrane Depressurization: Essentially this is covering your crawl space in addition to installing a radon mitigation system. Covering your crawlspace with plastic will help prevent radon from entering your home.  Coverage can also help protect your home from mold, smells & odors, and rise energy costs.
Sump Pump Depressurization:  Your home may already have a sump pit in place, complete with a drainage-tile system under the basement floor which is designed to channel water to the pit.  The sump pit can also be used to install the radon mitigation system, preventing the drilling of another hole in the foundation floor. Essentially this system works exactly like the Sub-Slab Depressurization with the exception of the fact that we are achieving a vacuum under the entire slab via the sump pit and the drain tile that are already in place.

Other Sevices

Fan Replacement:  We use industry leading fans manufactured by Radon Away and Fantech that have a 5 year warranty.  However, not all mitigation contractors use the highest quality products, so if you find yourself in need of a fan replacement, we can help.

Sealing Foundation Cracks, Slab Penetrations and Expansion Joints:  Cracks, Slab Penetrations and Expansion Joints are one of the main contributors to high radon levels because they allow radon to seep through into the home.  Sealing these cracks with a high quality polyseal we will prevent this seepage from occurring.

Crawl Space Encapsulation:  A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is added to completely cover your crawl space - usually the floors, foundation walls, and sometimes even ceiling. This water vapor barrier is most effective when it completely covers your crawl space, and sealing tape is used to connect the barrier pieces throughout your area.